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How To Disinfect Iqf Freezing Equipment

With the wide application of IQF Freezing technology and equipment, disinfection of equipment is also very important.
1. Drain and dry the dishes, and then put them into disinfection equipment for disinfection.
2. Then wash the plate aside with clear water and rinse off the hot alkaline water.
3. First of all, we should use 5% hot alkaline water to clean the meat particles and grease stuck on the plate, because hot alkaline water can neutralize the grease on the plate.
4. Soak the dish in hot water above 82℃ for 5-10 minutes, wash the dish thoroughly, and do preliminary disinfection.
If you still have any questions about Quick Freezing Equipment, please come to our company, and we will patiently answer any of your questions.

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