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Principles For Selection Of Vegetable Drying Machine

Freeze-drying is a method of freezing a water-containing substance in advance into a solid state, and then sublimating the moisture in the vacuum state from a solid state to a gaseous state to remove the moisture and preserve the substance. The original chemical and biological characteristics of the items obtained by this drying method are basically unchanged, and it is easy to store for a long time. After adding water, it can return to the form before freeze-drying, and can maintain its original biochemical characteristics. . Today Vegetable Drying Machine will teach you how to choose this equipment.

Freeze-drying technology has been widely used in chemical, food, materials, medicine, biological products and other fields. Vacuum freeze dryer (referred to as vegetable drying equipment) is a device that realizes freeze-drying technology and is a machine with a relatively complex structure. It involves refrigeration, vacuum, thermal engineering, machinery, fluids, electrical control, and pressure vessels. Knowledge.

  1. Classification of experimental series vegetable drying equipment

The performance indicators pursued by the experimental series of vegetable drying equipment are small size, light weight, multiple functions, stable performance, and high accuracy of the test system. It is a multi-purpose machine and can be used for freeze-drying experiments of various materials. The main division methods of the experimental series of vegetable drying equipment are:


Bell-type vegetable drying equipment: the freeze-drying cavity and the cold trap are separate upper and lower structures, and the freeze-drying cavity has no pre-freezing function. This type of vegetable drying equipment needs manual operation when it is transferred to the drying process after the material is pre-frozen. Most of the experimental vegetable drying equipment is bell-type, which has a simple structure and low cost. Most lyophilization chambers use transparent plexiglass covers to facilitate the observation of the lyophilization of materials.

l In-situ vegetable drying equipment: the freeze-drying cavity and the cold trap are two independent cavities. The shelf in the freeze-drying cavity has a refrigeration function. After the material is placed in the freeze-drying cavity, the process of pre-freezing and drying the material does not require manual labor operating. The manufacturing process of this type of Vegetable Drying Machine is complicated and the manufacturing cost is high. However, the in-situ vegetable drying equipment is the development direction of vegetable drying equipment, and is an ideal choice for exploring the freeze-drying process, especially suitable for medicine, biological products and other special products. Freeze-dried.

a, ordinary type b, multi-manifold type c, gland type

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