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types of chlinnium panels and their applications in paneling

build a chalonium panel:
The Chlonium Table is one of the most beautiful and most widely used advertising boards in the panel industry. It is designed and constructed in various ways, such as the Golden Chalonium, the magnificent Chlenyum panel, and the Chlenymn Letter. The panel structure of the chelnium is a combination of plexiglas and aluminum alloys embedded on composite sheets or pvc. Chelnium rolls are available in sizes of 30 to 50 meters in different colors, with the price of the chlinnium roll varies depending on its size. This method of designing and constructing high-resistance billboards against atmospheric and environmental conditions can be implemented in different colors, thus becoming one of the most popular types of billboards.

Definition of Chlenym Highlighted Letters and How to Design and Design Emblems
Chelnyum's highlighted letters are a combination of several beautiful letters with different shapes and angles that are completely flexible and can be designed in a custom format. After the design phase, the plexiglass letters are cut off by a laser machine and then straightened by the soles of the edges, then tighten the letters on the table and use the metal base to rotate the chelnium edge with a special adhesive around the plexiglass. In the next step, the design of the letters is plotted on the pvc and is cut with a device called perpendicular, and the letters are ready for installation on the body or under the work, which is usually made of composite sheet or pvc, then using LED or SMD lighting is done and the extra wires are transferred to the sub-work, after ensuring that the whole exposure is closed and installing the promotional stick T ends successfully.

Advantages :
The materials needed to make this kind of promotional material are of high quality and thus are resistant to environmental conditions and sun rays and its appearance does not change.

There is no rust in any way.

To make the edge of the chelennium board, they use a sponge bar that prevents dirt and water from penetrating the letters, and the letters are always kept clean.

After finishing the work, a nylon sheath is applied to the work, which during the installation, the highlights of the chellenium do not scratch and after the completion of the installation process of the advertisement board of the nylon lining is easily removed from the work.

Technical tip:
As with any kind of mainstream and Chinese goods, Chlnium is also found on both models in the market. If you want to distinguish between original chinese and Chinese chlinnium, look at the chelenny edges. The chelnyum edge is thick and about 2.8 mm, but the chlenian edges of the Chinese are very thin, which is so thin that it sometimes holes or changes the shape with a low pressure. However, the use of Chinese chlinnium is very suitable for making lower case letters and it is easy to bend and hold.

Types of Chlenium Tableau:
Simple Chelny's Board:
The constituent parts of this type of billboard are the chelnium edges, plexiglas, pvc, smd and power supply that are designed and designed with a simple look and feel in plexiglass colors.

Pelix Double Dashboard:
In this way, two plexiglasses are used in a variety of colors, which gives a beautiful effect to the billboard.

RGB Chlonium Tab:
The construction of a RGB-based chellenium panel is based on the use of RGB SMDs and control boards and white plexiglas.

Full-color chalnium panel: Another type of chulminium boards is this type of chulminium panel using a special control board that can display more colors by up to 16 million colors.

Chelny's Punch:
The use of this paneling method is not specific to chlinnium, but it is also used in the stained glass panel and the plastic neon panel. In this way, the construction of a billboard, the letters are cut off using a variety of geometric shapes such as a circle or a star, and punched on a plexiglass. In the next step, due to the light passage from the cut-off section, light fracture And as a result, a beautiful view gives a billboard. This type of billboard is called with a variety of names, such as the Chloymon Punch, the Chalnium diamond panel and the Star Chloymen.

Chalonium Crystal Table:
The structure of this model uses a chellnium panel of glass plexiglas and crystal beads, but it should be noted that crystal beads can be used to make all billboards made using highlighted letters.

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