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New Burley resident wins $300,000 with Idaho Lottery ticket

New Burley resident wins $300,000 with Idaho Lottery ticket

My wife wanted a couple of late-night snacks, so we walked to the store together,” Clark said in a statement from the Idaho Lottery. “I had a $50 winner, so I cashed it and bought just the one 100X the Cash ticket. I scratched the bar code, scanned it, and it said I had to claim it at the Lottery. I thought I’d won maybe $1,000.”Get more news about LOTO彩票包网,you can vist

He was a little low. “The zeroes on the prize just kept coming, three of them, then another and another. It was unbelievable!” Clark said. “I never buy tickets from the big, tall vending machine. I always get them at the counter. But I bought this one from the vending machine. That winning ticket made it’s way to Burley and if we’d been five minutes earlier or five minutes later, who knows, I might not have won.”

Clark has been working in Idaho off and on for a couple of years until he and his wife Cortnie decided to move to the Magic Valley full-time from Texarkana, Arkansas, the lottery said. Clark plans to invest his winnings for the future.Moving to Burley from Arkansas paid off big for one couple.

Michael Clark and his wife, Cortnie, made the move earlier this summer. On Aug. 21, they went to the Mr. Gas at Overland and 21st Street in Burley and won $300,000 with a lottery scratch ticket.

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