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5 colors of bob wigs on west kiss hair has a huge selection of bob lace wigs styles at the good prices online. Our short bob lace front wigs come in a variety colors, textures--from straight to curly--so you know you'll find a bob lace wig that’s perfect for you!

The trendy and fabulous bob wigs not only have various hair textures but also have multiple colors. The clean look and changeable style make the attention heat of bob wigs never reduce. Today I will introduce 5 representative colors of bob wigs in Yolissa Hair for your reference. Please kindly read on.

1.5 colors of bob wigs
1)Natural Black (#1B)
Natural Black (#1B) bob is an ordinary and common color for most people. Black color evokes seriousness, distinctiveness, boldness, and it is classic, not out of times forever. When you don't know which one to choose, just opt for the black one that makes no mistakes. Natural black is also good for enhancing your complexion. Choosing a natural black bob wig maybe not the best choice, but must be a great one. You won’t regret it.

2)Honey Blonde (#27)
Honey Blonde bob is not as light as 613 blonde human u part wig, it is more like golden color, shinning and sexy. And why it is named honey blonde? I think because it can reflect the sweetest side of girls, make them sweet as honey after wearing this magical colored bob wig. Lovely of you don’t miss it.
99J bob is also named burgundy, it looks like red wine, a color mix of red and purple. It is a fabulous color that can match all skin tones of black women, also could help you become the most special one in the crowd. If you are a people who want to make some changes, come and get this colored 99J bob wig.

4)Blonde Ombres
The Ombre means the hair color gradually changes from dark to light, like the below picture #4/613 Ombre Blonde bob wig shows. Having two different colors in one bob wig is realized perfectly, it presents layering colors and beauty.

If you 613 blonde and #27 honey blonde is too bright to you, #4 brown bob can be your best choice. It is not common like natural black, also not conspicuous like 613 wig and #27. #4 brown bob is a neutral and safe color but can make you more beautiful, more attractive.

2.Bob Wigs Combo
Recently Yolissa Hair launched a big sales promotion named wigs combo. You can pay 1 to get 2, 3, 4 wigs. All of our customers can experience different variable styles at a very low price.
In bob wigs combo, placing one order you can get more than 1 bob wig. Now let me introduce 4 wigs combos in Yolissa Hair.
1)One lace front wig + one bob wig both in 613 blonde color

2)One straight bob wig with 613 bundles with closure + one 1B straight bob wig + one 1B water wave bob wig

3)One 613 water wave lace closure wig + one 1B curly bob wig
4)Bob wigs with bangs in 4 colours
3.Customize hair colours and textures
If all the above colors and textures you don’t like, you can please contact us, Yolissa Hair also offers customized service. No matter what kinds of hairstyles you want, just tell us, and we will advise the most pertinent suggestions to help you choose a suitable bob wig.

Popular bob lace front wigs straight and curly wave hairstyles with 8-16 inches human hair, bob cut wig with small, medium, large cap size 180% density on West Kiss Hair.


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