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posted by Jairus at 11:21 AM on July 5, 2009Is the expansion of the USSR imperialist? Obviously depends rs gold on how you want to define imperialism, but most of the definitions I'd use say "yes." So now we have a pretty substantial overlap. Then there's the ongoing issue of whether the USSR and China are actually Communist, or just totalitarian oligarchies with a populist veneer.
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Then, "Imperialism" as such was much more common before the 20th century, before which "Communism" as such didn't have a whole lot of sway. The rise of Socialism and the fall of traditional imperialism and colonialism the breakup of the British Empire, for example happened around the same time. And the world population exploded in the 20th century. So there's been a lot more people around for Communism to have a shot at killing than Imperialism could have killed on its best day.

posted by Tomorrowful at 11:24 AM on July 5, 2009But wait a minute, Tomorrowful, empires are pretty much how we mark historical eras. We're not just talking about the Brits, we're talking about the Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Mongols, Egyptians etc.posted by Phalene at 11:29 AM on July 5, 2009

This is a difficult question to answer. You need to be clear what is meant by imperialism and communism and how do you attribute deaths. See section 4.2 (criticism)Nazism And Communism: Evil Twins? (PDF format) By Alain de Benoist, This paper discusses issues related to intentionality of deaths.posted by Jasper Friendly Bear at 11:30 AM on July 5, 2009 [1 favorite]

Is the expansion of the USSR imperialist?Most of its expansion came under the Tsars, no?Imperialism is pretty simple, it's the extension of a state's military power to take over somebody else's part of the world and run in the operations of private/public capitalist/state enterprise backed by force for said state's benefit.

Stalin moving back into the Baltic states was an example of imperialist expansionism, but compared to the British seizure of Hong Kong in the 19th century (a model Imperialst action), communist expansion of the 20th century was rather low key and diffuse through internal revolutionary movements, themselves usually fighting for the eviction of Imperialist or Imperialist backed strongmen/dictators.
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