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I certainly agree its politicised. The Right are using this to ramp up anti immigration rhetoric, and cheap runescape gold the Left are accusing the right of having a lack of empathy. Where I disagree is the idea that this is organised. I seen endless comments on reddit suggesting this is some kind of pantomime plot by George Soros, or a Democrat conspiracy, which is ludicrous nonsense. But I suspect the Right will make far more political gains from it than the Left.

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Its a mistake to think the left loves this kind of immigration. No one, left or right, sees a wave of broke, uneducated people who don speak English and thinks "Excellent, this is just what our country needs." Its simply that the left feels wealthy nations like the US and those in Western Europe have a moral obligation to help those in need.

SWTOR Dromund Kaas CommendationsIn SWTOR Dromund Kaas, the specialty goods vendors where commendations can be exchanged for great items are found in the Dromund Kaas craft and market area. From the Sith Sanctum, head to the taxi stand directly opposite and then run forwards and turn left and head up the stairs to reach the SWTOR Dromund Kaas Commendations specialty goods exchange vendors.

There is a weapons trader to the right at the top of the stairs, and an armor and modifications trader just a little down from the weapons trader. These traders trade SWTOR Dromund Kaas Commendations for quality items.SWTOR Trading Dromund Kaas CommendationsIn SWTOR, a great character should have great weapons and great armor.

For the sith assassin, a great weapon consists of the most damaging double bladed lightsaber one can find around level 16. One can do lots of side quests and hope to land a really good double bladed lightsaber, or one can just exchange those Dromund Kaas commendations (14 required) for the Dark Erudite Double Bladed Lightsaber (Dark 1 required). Of course the light side sith assassin would want the Principled Erudite Double Bladed Lightsaber.

Next, head to the armor and modification specialty goods and start purchasing armor modifications and weapons modifications to add to armor or weapons. Type C to see the character and assess the character's slightly weaker attributes. For example, for the sith assassin, it is a trade off between strength and endurance and willpower. .
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