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Son of Animus Son of Animus does decent damage with the Metal Fist ability, but where it shines is in its rs gold survivability. This pet has Extra Plating, allowing it to reduce 50% of incoming damage, and the Siphon Anima ability heals it for 100% of the damage it deals. This pet can slice through beast opponents like butter.
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Son of Animus is a Throne of Thunder raid drop. It can be found on auction houses, but it is usually quite expensive. Two alternate mechanical pets are Tiny Harvester or De Weaponized Mechanical Companion. Both of these have Metal Fist, Iron Plating, and Repair, which allows them to heal, although doing so renders them unable to perform actions for two rounds.

Bat Flying pets don't seem to be as successful at grinding as their Beast, Magic, or Mechanical coutnerparts, but I have found the Bat to perform decently. Its Leech Life and Reckless Strike abilities allow it to deal fair amounts of damage and recover some of its health. Both of these abilities have one round cooldowns, so alternate between them.

Best Places to Farm The higher the level of your wild pet opponents, the more experience your leveling pet will receive from fighting them. For that reason, the best places I've found to farm pet experience are in Mists of Panderia. Here are the areas I frequent:Pet Battle ResourcesWarcraft Battle Pets Strategy Guide: the Best Way to Build a Pet PvP Team in WoW

Kun Lai Summit (mountains) Pets indigenous to this area include Alpine Foxlings (beast), Alpine Foxling Kits (beast), Tolai Hare (critter), Summit Kids (beast), and Kun lai Runts (human). Try to find five or more pets in a cluster. This way, by the time you've fought all of the initial ones, you should start to get some respawns.

Kun Lai Summit (areas surrounding Binan Village) Pets found in this area include the Painted Mouse (critter), Tolai Hare (critter), Zooey Snake (beast), and Plains Monitor (beast). If you follow the path Northwest from Binan Village, you should be able to find a good supply of pets to battle with very little down time.
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