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The Intelligent Creationists (an uncommon group here): those who understand the tenets of science, and osrs gold believe in God; God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient; I especially liked the guy who wrote . knows his laws of physics. Scientists: the arrogant class who explain why, how and what they are exploring; granted, better social skills and (especially) media savvy would have made this a much shorter blog
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The Rationalists: those picky auditers who pick apart the claims of the Zealots/Flat earthers/Offendeds by using logic and rationale; your obsequoius adherence to common logic is not common in this blogThe Smart Asses: if you going to comment, be witty, topical, and succint. In other words, make it funny, and to the point. Phil. Sorry about the supermodel. You knew it would never work out.

James Hopkins, 42, escaped justice for almost 12 years until he was matched to a bloody palm print at the flat of 23 year old Robyn Browne.A motive has never been established for the stabbing but Hopkins told his partner he went to the flat to get the names of famous customers as part of a blackmail plot.

The names of the clients have never been revealed to avoid them.Hopkins was sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum of 17 years after being unanimously convicted of murder at the Old Bailey.Judge Martin Stephens QC told him: went there with a view to stealing the deceased property and remove pages from a filofax which probably contained confidential information.

were doing that for money and you admitted receiving 500. You were also looking to steal could get what you wanted you had to deal with the occupant, Robyn satisfied that you disposed of her with cruel brutality. You stabbed the vulnerable and unfortunate person nine times. There was on your part an intention to kill.

your arrest you tried to manipulate your family in attempts to evade justice. The jury saw through the web of lies that you tried to create.sentence by law is one of life imprisonment. You will only ever be released on licence if and when the parole board considers it safe for you to be released. left the court with a slight smirk. His partner Donna Abbott was not in court for the sentencing.
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