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Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Forbidden City DC3282-013 For Cheap

Nike and Jordan Brand paid tribute to the Forbidden City in Beijing with Air Jordan 7s and Air Jordan 35s during New Jordan 2020. Today, the latest Swoosh style to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the palace is Dunk Low Disrupt. Although there is a history of women-only Dunks (including Dunk Sky Hi and Sacai Dunk Lux), Dunk Low Disrupt is built on the premise of being unchanged. The exaggerated production tool draws inspiration from Nike's basketball catalog in the mid-1980s. Of course, there are some elements in the dunk, as well as clues drawn from the obscure predecessor of the Nike Air Train in 1984.
Retro Jordan 2021,Nike has commended China many times this year and will complete this work by marking Dunk Low Disrupt, a tribute to Beijing, as the "Forbidden City". Two female models have filtered on the canvas, showing off Dunk's conceptual version with a bold design, featuring platform soles. An interesting feature of this pair of shoes is the special coating applied to the upper, the initial ice blue gradually disappearing, showing a vibrating shade of orange and jade. This is reminiscent of the snow-covered statues found around the palace, which melted to reveal their majestic characteristics and colors. Near the sole, a semi-transparent outsole decorated with marble patterns pays tribute to the stone steps of the site-perfecting the overall appearance of the shoe. This pair of shoes is definitely an eye-catching item that can make you your main focus, so please feel free to put on your shoes and focus.
Cheap Jordans UK, Although this new dunk is prevalent in detail from toe to heel, the most eye-catching decoration is a string of royal "pearls" wrapped around the collar. The upper has a soft meerschaum green and a light blush tone, with a light yellow Swoosh, but the first two of them are just veneers. As they wear out, they give way to rich red and cool jade tones, both of which are inspired by how the snow on the jade statues in the Forbidden City melted during the winter solstice. Below, the translucent outsole has a marble pattern, paying homage to the stone steps of the palace. The white shoelace is the only simple piece in the "Forbidden City", fusing everything together to complete the look.

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