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div>Stone and dust started to kick up into the air, and right under the amazed eyes of the six people there, a hole opened up on the cliff there. A claw shaped like a drill extended out from the ground before shooting out towards the watersnake. In one fluid motion, it extracted the two-tailed bluesnake's soulgem!

  And just like that, the two-tailed bluesnake died!

  The soil around the dry land started to churn before a lobster-shaped soulbeasts the size of bisons came erupting from the ground!!

  "Giant underground lobsters! And late-stage class six!! We have to leave right away!"

  The woman cried out. Revealing herself as a mid-stage Soul Exalt, she leapt forward with her squirrel, who flew into the air to grow several times its normal size. Falling back down to the ground with the power of a mid-stage class six, it gave a menacing cry.

  Stunned by the arrival of the three soulbeasts, it took a while before any of the five could respond. It was the woman who snapped out of it first. Flustered, she took one quick look at the two giant pincers before taking off towards the academy.

  A giant underground lobster was a earth-type soulbeast that specialized in hiding underground and was one of the more aggressive ones!

  Like the Soulbeast Forest, the Training Forest was split into several areas. This area the six were in was a gathering place for class five soulbeasts, and very rarely did any class six soulbeasts come by. Today it seemed, was an unlucky day for the six if a late-stage class six soulbeast was here now.


  "Xiao Yun!!"

  Having been caught up with trying to fight the lobster in front of it, the instructor suddenly heard several cries from behind. Whirling around, she saw yet another giant underground lobster blocking the way of the five students!

  There were two of them!!

  The lobster's right pincer had been raised in the air before the five students cried out, and with frightening speed, the pincer came down onto the young girl at the front!

  The other four students had been knocked a few meters back the upturned dirt when the lobster emerged from the ground. With the distance increased between them and the fifth, none of the students were close enough to come to her rescue in time!


  At that moment, there was a loud chirp before a giant bird draped in purple light came shooting down like a meteorite. Latching onto the lobster's pincer with its clawed feet, the bird took back off into the air. There was a loud tumultuous sound when the giant lobster was forcibly dislodged from the earth and sent airborne by the claws of the giant bird!!

  The bird took the giant lobster a hundred meters up into the air before spinning around. Picking up rotational speed, the bird let go of the pincer, allowing the lobster to go flying off into the distance and disappearing from sight....


  Not even seconds after the bird appeared, a loud draconic-sounding voice erupted through the air along with the exploding of ground. A nearby hill shook slightly before a giant figure leapt up into the air. It remained there for several seconds before smashing back down into the ground onto the remaining lobster there!

  The instructor, who had been looking in the direction of her students at first, turned back around to where the giant figure landed. The only thing she could see was a terrifyingly large blue-colored soulbeast pressed into the ground where the lobster had been. It opened its jaws wide and then clamped down onto the lobster's head!

  Then under the stupefied eyes of everyone there, they watched as the late-stage class six soulbeast was eaten by the new soulbeast in three bites....  486 - You don't need to cultivate this anymore

  Beside him was the Apex Prince, Yu Feiyan. His reaction was exactly the same as Lin Zheng, his entire person seemed completely fossilized at that instant. There was not the slightest of emotions on his face at all.

  Apart from Lu Heng who had long known the truth, the reaction of everyone else was more extreme than the next.

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