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seven Problems That Are Bad to a Earthworm Habitat

The following are the circumstances that are undesirable to the earthworm habitat and how rectify the predicament:one) When it is as well hotEarthworms are not able to survive past temperature of 90F or higher. They will grow to be inactive if it is as well scorching and die. Very best temperature need to be below 80F. 活動 – Larkin Hoffman – 國際黃金時代團隊 Do not exposed the earthworms to direct sunlight and scorching setting. If the worm bin is placed outside, very best to place it in the shade or garage.two) When it is as well dryThe earthworm demands a damp, dark and moist atmosphere and need to have to preserve its entire body moist as it breathe by means of its skin. Earthworm demands satisfactory moisture for growth and survival. Sprinkle some water on the bedding in the bin to provide additional moisture.three) When the weather is also cold.In freezing temperature worms will die. The ideal temperature for the earthworm growth and activity would be in the variety of 60 to 80 F. Place the worm bin in your house, possibly in the kitchen in the course of the winter months.4) When it is wetThe earthworms will drown when the soil or bedding is soggy wet. It will drive the worms away. For the duration of rainy days worms would typically surface to stay away from drowning. If the bin is moist, ideal to drain the extra water.5) When the soil gets to be too acidic or as well alkalineEarthworms has limited digestive technique and as a result it needs a specific acidity degree to predigest the meals. But it is not good to the earthworms if its as well acidic or too alkaline. The soil or bedding should be maintained close to ph neutral degree.Best ph reading through would be close to ph6. to ph seven. reading through.six) Result of agricultural pesticidesFungicides and fumigants is toxic and harmful to earthworms. So it is best to stay away from the use of pesticides to kill any insects or ants that may possibly invades the worm bin which will instead do harm to the worms. If there are ants in the worm bin, spot the legs of the worm bin in a container of water.7) AerationThe earthworm will die when there is no oxygen. so it is essential that the bedding in the worm bin is loosely pile and not tight to allow adequate air circulation. The worm bin should have enough holes for proper ventilation. But cover the holes with wire mesh to stay away from insects from coming in.
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