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You're deluding yourselves if you believe that a RWT

If statements RS gold must be kept, at least limit them to really high drops like 5m+ at the least. Drops under 1m or 500k should not even be announced. You're deluding yourselves if you believe that a RWT will sit there dropping for hours a tiny amt of cash into the drop box, and that someone is going to stand there for hours waiting for that fall.

Comments/supporters are valued, I am not going to look at a lot, but I needed to at least put out it how truly annoying the party room is.I got 99 farm the other day, and wished to do a 10m drop, but I would probably get kicked out of my own drop. On all docks, there will be a man called Greenbeard. If you've got 60 construction, you should start building your own vessel...

Castle wars, a game all of us enjoy and never get bored playingwith. Except for just one thing - it is old. Below are some upgrades I think would make it even more balanced and fun. Graphics: While the aesthetics are practicly perfect they are outdated, with the recent Varrock and not so recent Falador the crumbling brickwork does not live up overly modern day standards. It doesnt even need explaining, alter it too fit Varrock and maybe add some"war damage".

The Catapult: An effective tool? Yes? Think again! It is slow, incredibly difficult to fire and if you are attacked while planning all of your hard work is for nothing. My proposal? Make a fresh catapult, on a swivel that you grow into. The participant in the catapult is vunerable too variety, mage and halbard strikes from the ground. It can be loaded from the back with up too 20 stones at a OSRS Gold For Sale time, when they're in there's not any need to re-load until they are spent but you can add more until it is empty.

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