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I just left the match as soon as the El Dorado

I just left FIFA Coins the match as soon as the El Dorado event obtained declared, hardly played, only wanted to check out this season, it is the same shit appearantly... I didn't play FIFA 15, began with 17, Imo 18 was the last good season of FIFA Mobile, I only had enough, fantastic luck to those who want to last...

You are offering me memories of my favourite game fifa 14 no glitches pleasure to play playing with your favourite teams that it had everything ther today its just addicting to play precisely the same events everysingle year no changes to game simply only cards and thats itSomeone who performs H2H by just running with their quick wingers and delivers crosses with their tall strikers. And they think they are proficient because of this

A report by world football's governing body, FIFA, has laid bare the amount of abuse carried out by Yves"Dadou" Jean-Bart, the former president of the stunt soccer federation (FHF), predicting his behavior"appalling" and stating that he had"made a very complex and extremely detrimental system of sexual abuse and manipulation of female players"

Jean-Bart was given a lifetime ban from football in November and fined 1 million Swiss francs ($920,000, $1,127,000) after FIFA's ethics committee found him guilty of sexually abusing and harassing young female gamers in Haiti's national training center in cheap FIFA Mobile Coins Croix-des-Bouquets, close to the funding Port-au-Prince. A number of his victims were still heterosexual.

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