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I worked at a small haunted house for a couple of years in college and my favorite gag was dressing in a reaper costume with glowing red eyes and pretending to be a mannequin among a couple of actual mannequins a little ways into the maze at the entrance. I'd watch most groups go by without doing anything, but any group with little kids you could guarantee that while the parents were peering ahead,

the kids were looking back at me and the other monsters that they had been assured were not real, and that's when I'd turn and start moving toward them. Cue the terrified screams and grabbing/running into their parents legs. The best part was when I managed to freeze in place before the parents looked around, and they told the kids it was their imagination, and then turned away so only the kids saw me move again. I got one girl to almost knock her mother over running in fear.

So how does it make sense to have so many modern themed skins? The "it not historically accurate" argument falls apart when we have superheros, people with smartphones, cyborgs, men in full swat gear, so on and so on. Normally you play a character that expresses a fantasy you like (or a role that just straight up assigned to you),

rather than trying to make you IRL a character in the game. The vast majority of video game characters are straight white men, but when a character finally diverges from that role the gamer crowd starts screaming about "white genocide" and "forced diversity". Unless, of course, it a white female character made to look sexually appealing for the white male players.

Let then say someone asks to have a black chariot racer along with all the other default white skins. In comes someone like you who explains how there shouldn be black people because it doesn fit the theme. That doesn make sense. If you can have fire breathing dragons and Ferraris, you can have black people. When there are countless things about the game that diverge from the theme and it clear the game is not about sticking to the theme but having fun,
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