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"FORWARD!" Blue River roared. Blue Brook Guild's players were chasing from behind. And ahead,


div>"Elementalist!" Ye Xiu yelled.

  The Elementalist immediately cast a Flame Explosion and the BOSS once again OTed. The Goblin Merchant headed towards the Elementalist located in the right side of the forest.

  "It really is on purpose!!" Blue River and the others were certain now.

  "Are they going to run to the east?" Bound Boat decided.

  "Go east." Blue River led his party to the east and was ready to rush over when the time was right.

  "If you meet Tyrannical Ambition's players, don't be polite!" Blue River commanded.

  "We definitely won't." Everyone declared.

  While they ran to the east, everyone payed attention to behind the trees. They all hoped to pick off a Tyrannical Ambition player to warm up. In the end, the only things they were able to pick off were small Goblins. They didn't find a single Tyrannical Ambition player. The Tyrannical Ambitions they occasionally saw were all even farther away than the Goblin Merchant.

  The Herb Garden Players in front of them didn't want to fall behind either, so when the Blue Brook Guild changed direction, they also raced against Blue Brook Guild and rushed to the east.

  When the two guilds changed directions, Bound Boat was immediately startled: "They're not trying to misdirect us, right?"

  Blue River also felt something wasn't right: "Bring a few players and go around to the west!"

  Bound Boat immediately chose a few players. The Blue Brook Guild force split into two. One went to the east to intercept, while the other went to the west to prepare for an interception.

  Herb Garden immediately responded in the same way and sent a part of their forces to the west. Those who didn't understand the situation would have thought that these two groups were together. In reality, they weren't together at all. Both groups would be delighted if the other group made a mistake.

  The Goblin Merchant that was running at the Elementalist was suddenly hit by a Repel from behind a tree. It slipped backwards a length and then a gun sound rang out. The Goblin Merchant once again turned around in hesitation.

  As expected, it really was a misdirection. The Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden players that saw this scene all began pondering over it in their hearts. Moreover, the Goblin was rushing over to where Lord Grim was.


  Who would have thought that the one to OT and take the aggro was Lord Grim. And this guy ran to the north. Although Herb Garden had split its forces to the east and west, there was still time to merge again and block the enemy's path. If they kept on running, then wouldn't they be running into a metal wall?

  "What type of trick is he planning to pull?" Players who loved to analyze were all pondering over Lord Grim's thinking.

  "He'll definitely change routes, right?" Some players thought.

  Herb Garden pondered over this even more seriously. After all, they were there to block his path. East or west or the original direction, where were they supposed to wait?

  In the end, Plantago Seed helplessly split his forces into three. He had no choice but to defend every side. No choice: if the other side wanted to OT, then they would OT. Whatever route they wanted the Goblin Merchant to follow, the Goblin Merchant would follow. They could only defend on all three sides.

  Which side would he go to?

  Everyone carried this type of question, fixed their attention on the Goblin's move path. In the end, they didn't see any change. They saw Lord Grim lead the Goblin Merchant directly towards Herb Garden's interception.

  Herb Garden also had a dozen or so players here. They immediately formed an arc to surround him. Long-ranged Gunner class players had already c
cked their guns and fired. Mages began casting their magic.

  Lord Grim suddenly leaped. The Gunners immediately adjusted their aim. But in the end, they saw Lord Grim spin 180 degrees in the air, his butt pointed at them.

  The butt is the butt! The gunners didn't really care and their cursors quickly aimed at his butt.


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