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Withdrawal Request Status Unknown

Withdrawal Request Status Unknown

Withdrawal is always the happiest parts in trading, especially when you are securing your own profit after a week or month struggling in the market. Everything isnt yours, not until everything is fully landed to your account. A unforgettable experience by a guy named Calvin Leong from Malaysia.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.

  On the 9th of March 2021, Mr. Leong have made a withdrawal request via bank wire through the brokers website. Mr. Leong have received an email on the approval of the request but was quite surprises because the request was actually made 2 weeks earlier than 9th of March. Mr. Leong have waited for almost a month but still no respond from the broker and suddenly Mr. Leong received an email from them.
  Mr. Leong initial withdrawal was $1300 back in January 2020 with no issue at all. But his current withdrawal request is just $495.40 and he still haven‘t received his money until today. Mr. Leong have tried to contact them through their customer service, but here’s what they sent him.

  It has been one month and Mr. Leong still havent receive his withdrawals. Per investigation, Tradesto is displayed as “lots of complaints” with a score of only 1.85 on WikiFX APP, which means the broker is quite risky. It is suggested to download WikiFX APP first, so as to recognize illegal brokers before trading.

  As a leading forex media, WikiFX offers detail profiles of over 26,000 forex brokers, all compiled from objective data of authoritative sources. Investors have free access to look up any forex brokers included in the App. WikiFX also offers scam exposure channel to protect investors fund safety.

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