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Australian Broker Aussie Forex Not Found

Australian Broker Aussie Forex Not Found

Recently, several forex investors exposed the rejection of the Australian broker Aussie Forex in withdrawals on the WikiFX and suspected that the broker had skipped town. In order to protect the interests of forex investors and keep them informed, WikiFX quickly conducted a preliminary investigation on Aussie Forex. Immediately after identifying the broker's regulatory information, WikiFX visited its licensed company in Sydney.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.

  Survey process

  Following the map, the investigator soon drove to 60 York Street, where a large glass facade was in sight. In no mood for watching the scenery, the investigator marched into the building and learned from the floor directory that the broker's office was on the second floor.  The investigation team headed for the second floor and went straight to Aussie Forex's office along with the guide board.

  After arriving at the office door, the investigator found that Aussie Forex had moved out and the company in the place at the time was XSOO.

  Through this visit and the regulatory information on the ASIC, WikiFX finds that Aussie Forex has conducted false advertising. Firstly, Aussie Forex claims on its official website that it is regulated by the ASIC with the office address of Suite 204. But in fact, its office address on the regulatory information is Suite 202. Moreover, it has moved out of the place and is under no regulation.

  Secondly, although Aussie Forex claims to provide forex services of FX dealing and Forward contracts for investors, its investment advisory license has restricted its access to forex brokerage, that is, it is under the operation beyond jurisdictions.

  This visit confirms that the broker Aussie Forex does not exist. It is now under non-effective regulation and the operation beyond jurisdictions. On the WikiFX APP, Aussie Forex has only received a rating of 1.25. Please pay attention to potential risks! Forex investors who have encountered or are experiencing scams are advised to save the screenshots of evidence and contact us to defend your rights.

  So far, as a popular APP among investors, WikiFX has included profiles of more than 21,000 forex brokers around the world while integrating forum, exposure, query, news feed and other functions.

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