Como vai, Forasteiro!?

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Lets say you encounter one of your aims

Whatever RuneScape gold you may do is look at your display and on the listing that shows your inventory, quest list, stats and all the other things there will be a new icon (the thieving icon of this tiny black mask). When you click on that it will show a list of about five people that you're supposed to slip from. It also reveals the present items that you have obtained from other opponent that you stole from.

Lets say you encounter one of your aims, since there are lots of hiding places all around the thieving area you may see a hollow tree and click on"hide in shrub" and if you do click on that choice you will jump in the tree along with your own icon in the map will vanish. Ok because your target is in site you seem on the map to determine where he's (you target shows up as a purple dot on your map). Now along with your target list and item viewer on your own thieving pub on your main list of choices (inv. Q points and these ) there is a meter which shows you if your goal is in range of you or not.

Now lets say you were a level 10 thieving along with your target was a few paces away. Since you're such a very low level your sole option is to get quite close to him (an din doing this, allowing him see you) and try to pickpocket him. Now lets say you are a level 80 thieving. As you are such a high level burglar, you have considerably more choices of how you are likely to steal from your target.

Lets say you select a manner were you have a hawk ( The hawk are a brand new summoning familiar especially constructed for this match ) familiar and you ship it out toward your goal to attempt to steal the thing he is carrying in his stock. Additionally, because the method of thieving you're using involves not you, but another monster to go and steal the thing from the opponents inventory, you can rune out of sight of your goal so that he doesn't know your hawk recognizable is going to take buy School RuneScape Gold his item and deliver it back to you.

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