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First preview of Air Jordan 1 KO "Storm Blue" DA9089-401

New Jordan 2021, The Air Jordan 1 KO "Storm Blue" was mocked by a model for the first time in early October 2020, and has begun to appear before the expected September release. This Air Jordan shoe appeared in a similar "Sport Blue" style in 2014, and has exploded in the past 17 months, further promoting the popularity of Michael Jordan's first pair of signature shoes. The toe box, the midfoot and the heel plate are immersed in "white" tones, the profile on the side ankle flaps, ankle pads and the "wing" logo give a sharp "black" contrast. Like the standard Jordan 1 that will be released in "Storm Blue", it is reminiscent of Travis Scott and the fragment design, while the spines have a functional loop. At the foot, the midsole has a tried-and-tested appearance, while the tread has a heel tone.
Retro Jordan 2021, With the news that Kobe Bryant and Nike's contract is about to end (perhaps for renegotiating), we are unlikely to see a new change in Black Mamba's signature lineup. However, as it was unveiled this morning, UNDEFEATED is ready to release the collaborative Kobe 5 Protro "Hall of Fame" on May 12. After the color scheme was launched for quite some time in 2020, it appeared in a color close to full gold to properly celebrate Kobe's selection to the Hall of Fame. As part of the Lakers' colors, the metallic lining, the sole and tongue of the co-branded logo also have purple accents. The top of the upper is also engraved with a subtle snakeskin finish, while the Swoosh side alternates between the full purple on the inside and the opposite red led gradient. In addition, to thank Kobe for his outstanding career, the latter wore a "24 10 8" dress and insoles to show many achievements.
Cheap Jordans UK, Nike KD 14 lifted the veil of lukewarmness, which is the latest claim in Kyrie Irving's signature series. The poor silhouettes inspired the athlete, adding a full range of prints and bright colors to his wardrobe. Although its selected themes are much more abstract than the previous ones, the upcoming products are almost the same. However, some lamps still maintain ordinary and solid colors. For example, the sole retains a neutral white shade, while the upper strap has chosen the complete "Deep Royal" arrangement. The Swooshes embedded in the side of the fastener are decorated with bright red, which partially complements the psychedelic mosaic that fascinates the tongue and most of the upper. Elsewhere, the heel ribs have a faint "coral color", which is characterized by a faint summer feel and makes the complexion more rounded.

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