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The world of mountain bike wheels can get murky, when you need to naviagte three different freehub bodies, rotor attachment interfaces, rim widths, rim depths, materials, size, tubeless compatibility and of course - cost! Hunt Bike Wheels are from the United Kingdom and they have set up a pretty handy business shipping their high-quality alloy and carbon wheels around the world. We've just had a set of their Race XC Wide 29er wheels land for testing. With a number of trail and enduro wheel sets on test recently, like the Shimano WH-M8120 TL, Hope Fortus 26 and of course the Bontrager Line Pro 30 carbon wheels. With that line up, it was time to test something more at the cross-country end of the spectrum.To get more news about carbon mtb rim, you can visit official website.

If you are looking for a new set of mountain bike wheels, I suggest you write down all your requirements. Start with compatibility such as wheel size, hub spacing that suits your frame and fork, freehub type and rotor attachment. The last two are often changeable or can be worked around - but not always.

Beyond that, think about the features you want. Is there a spoke count you're after? What about material - alloy or carbon? Do you want a hub with lots of points of engagement? Do you only want sealed cartridge bearings? And what about rim width? Don't forget rim height either.

You might find that your world of choice is whittled down a little once you have made a list of the specifications you need and the features you want. Next up is price. For most wheel set upgrades you can expect to pay at least $500 for a mid spec alloy wheel set, or closer to a $1500 starting point for a good quality carbon wheel set. There will always be exceptions, but if the pricing you see is far below that - it might be too good to be true.This was easy enough, as Hunt Bike Wheels make picking your wheels quite straight forward on their website. Click on Mountain and you can see the whole range. Then there is a tick box menu on the left, and you can click away to meet the needs of your list of requirements and features.

I clicked on 29er, alloy, and with an internal width of 25mm. And I was left with the XC Wide wheels, which weigh 1647g and cost $579. Now, I'm not a huge weight weenie, but I was looking for something a little lighter. So via the menu I took width off and looked at the weights on all the wheel sets, and widths. While there was plenty of 30mm and beyond widths, the lighter weight Hunt Race XC Wide with a 24mm internal width and 1517g weight grabbed my attention. For $699, they're a good price, and 24mm is still a good width for most 2.2" and 2.25" or 2.3" tyres.

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