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Denny Hamlin announced three racing PE: Air Jordan 1 Racer

Over the 2020 Cheap Jordans, Danny Hamlin (who has won the Daytona 500 championship and half of 23XI Racing three times) revealed his third Jordan brand PE: Air Jordan 1 Racer. Like his previous models, the AJ1 Racer prioritized thermal protection, flexibility and comfort while keeping the color of the athlete team unchanged. Its structure has the heat resistance of aviation-grade materials, which can ensure that the level reaches the previous level. Although the suede covering layer looks delicate, it still has fire resistance like shoelaces, which can keep the bright orange color at the ankle flap in its original state, and the dark purple area from the toe to the heel also keeps its original state. Below, the white base shows subtle overall embossing, and its pattern is filled with Jumpman and Hamlin's "#11". In addition, the side is decorated with an enlarged version of the Jordan logo, and the joint color contrast at the leather buckle completes the design.
As Nike Air Force 1 Low continues to celebrate its 39th anniversary, it is inspired by everything from the first use of Nike (swoosh) to primary colors, and has emerged in dozens of ensembles. Soon, Bruce Kilgore's timeless design will add a tortoise-style "medium olive/cilantro/cargo khaki" color scheme to his roster. Although the soft colors are not a new feature of the classic Nike sportswear, embroidered animals with shells are added to the side heels. The surface of the upcoming Air Force 1 is connected to the stork-inspired "white/photon dust" cladding that has previously surfaced, and is addicted to the "Cargo Khaki" suede, whose suede is "Medium Olive" suede Surrounded. The animal tortoise patch at the heel of the light-footed tan is in sharp contrast to most of the surrounding environment and complements the forefoot and tonal unit under the foot well.
New Jordan 2021, The Drew League Professional Amateur Basketball Championship held in Los Angeles was established in 1973, but due to the outstanding performances of professional players such as James Harden and Kevin Durant, it has attracted considerable attention in the past decade. To commemorate its popularity, NIKE, Inc. has produced many special Nike Air Force 1 Low styles over the years, and the latest styles feature gradient details in the profile toe and heel. Similar to the most common ensemble of this model, the upcoming pair of shoes is made of "white" smooth leather in most of its uppers. The name of the game is embroidered on the outer heel, and the traditional brand of the tongue label is replaced with the "D" logo. The lace booties on the Low Altitude Air Force 1 also abandoned the standard silver look and replaced it with a shimmering "black" hue that matched the "DrewLeague" facing the spine. The aforementioned gradients include shades of red, orange, and yellow, accompanied by images of brick exterior walls, iron gates of urban basketball courts, and other graphics commemorating the sport.

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