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Dispensing process in SMT patch processing

In SMT chip processing, the most used method is to apply solder paste through reflow soldering, but there are also many special processes that require dispensing processes. Let the engineer share with you the dispensing process in SMT patch processing:

  1. The smt pcb assembly patch dispensing process is generally used in a corner of the chip or a certain point in the middle of a certain side. This dispensing method will leave more residual glue on the edge of the dispensing place. It is suitable for use in small chips.
    2, linear dispensing, or I-shaped dispensing path, is suitable for occasions where small shapes are formed on the edge of the chip; the length of the dispensing path is generally 50% to 125% of the side length of the chip. A longer route can help reduce the molding time of the chip edge glue, but increases the possibility of entrapment of some bubbles. Therefore, care must be taken to control the amount of glue used.
  2. The L-shaped dispensing path is to dispense along the adjacent two sides of the chip. This method is conducive to the formation of the glue at the smaller dispensing edge position. The glue has the shortest flow time, which is beneficial to improve the quality of void-free filling.
  3. The U-shaped dispensing path is similar to the L-shaped dispensing path. The difference is that it is longer than the L-shaped path. The advantage is that it can increase the filling amount of the corners. The U shape is also used for the periphery behind the linear dispensing path.

The above is the dispensing process in SMT patch processing that the engineer shared with you, I hope it will be helpful to you。At the same time, POE also introduced dispenser equipment, if you have pcb assembly china needs, please feel free to contact us

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