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Former Ambassador of China to Germany

Former Ambassador of China to Germany

On April 26, Mr. Shi Mingde, a senior diplomat, President of China Germany Friendship Association, former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Germany and former China's Ambassador to Austria, came to Antai College of Economics & Management and gave a speech titled “Changes of China-Europe and China-US Relations in the New Era and Comparisons of Their Policies Towards China -- Enlightenment of Globalization Development of German Industries and Enterprises to China”.To get more news about China business school, you can visit official website.
Xu Xuemin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Chen Fangruo, dean of Antai College of Economics & Management and dean of Industry Research Institute; Tian Xinmin, vice dean of Antai College of Economics & Management and vice dean of Industry Research Institute; Liu Shaoxuan and Yin Haitao, vice deans of Antai College of Economics & Management; Chen Hongmin and Yan Shifu, vice deans of Industry Research Institute, attended the event, which was hosted by Dean Chen.

With the 47 years of diplomatic career and 28 years of experience in Germany, Mr. Shi Mingde is an important founder of the construction and development of Sino-German relations in the new era, and also an important witness of the development of China-Europe relations. During his six and a half years as China’s ambassador to Germany, great progress had been made in bilateral relations between China and Germany, which are committed to jointly maintaining multilateralism and free trade, building an open world economy, and adding stability to world peace, development and prosperity with the certainty of Sino-German cooperation.
In his speech, vice president Xu Xuemin warmly welcomed the arrival of Mr. Shi Mingde and the audience, and proposed that business research should be expanded to the national and global environment, and be discussed and analyzed in combination with the current political environment. By proposing the strategy of "cultivating interdisciplinary talents proficient in theory and practice”, Antai College of Economics & Management also hopes to establish an inter-subject, inter-disciplinary and inter-industrial innovative mind set and analysis framework. Xu also hoped that with the help of the China Germany Friendship Association, Shanghai Jiao Tong University could establish partnership with German enterprises and scholars to jointly promote exchange and cooperation between China and Germany in many fields.
In his speech, Mr. Shi Mingde analyzed the international relations in the new era. He believed that the biggest factor of the great change that never happened in the past century is the rise of China. China's comprehensive national strength and international status have been continuously enhanced. The development of China has brought great opportunities to all countries in the world. The most important mission of Chinese diplomats is to safeguard China's sovereignty, security and development interests, and promote the understanding and friendship between China and other countries. In addition, Mr. Shi introduced the German craftsman spirit characterized by persistence, concentration, preciseness and creativity, and said that the craftsman spirit passed down from generation to generation benefits from the vocational education culture that has been cultivated for hundreds of years and the high-quality dual system of vocational education, which makes today's "Made in Germany" a synonym for safety, reliability, excellence and durability. In the interactive question session, Mr. Shi pointed out that German vocational education system is characterized by the high teaching quality, the enterprise-oriented education model, and the close connection between industrial research and school teaching. He called on enterprises to pursue the craftsman spirit of continuous innovation and continuous improvement, and sent a message that universities should actively deliver professional and technical talents based on the emerging industries for national development.
Dean Chen Fangruo made a summary of the event. He pointed out that business exchanges and economic cooperation are the basis of international cooperation, and Antai College of Economics & Management should help promote international exchanges and cooperation by strengthening research in this field; in addition, learning from the experience of vocational education in Germany, China should also attach importance to vocational and technical education and fundamental research. Antai College of Economics & Management should regard the research on the needs of enterprises and industries for talents as an important direction of industry research, as well as a tie to connect higher education institutions with vocational education.

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