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Are Name Necklaces Popular?

Are Name Necklaces Popular?

Wherever you look these days, you're bound to see someone wearing a nameplate necklace.It’s a customizable piece that’s not only unique to the wearer, but affordable as well. Thanks to new innovations and technologies, jewelers can offer these high-quality, personalized items at cost-effective prices. A custom name necklace can bear your own name, or that of a loved one. There are also options to include gemstones--such as your birthstone--onto the nameplate. The personalization options are nearly endless.To get more news about Personalized Name Necklace, you can visit official website.

However, discerning buyers might find themselves hung up on whether this type of jewelry is in vogue. Are name necklaces popular? And do they make a great gift? The answer to both is: yes! Not only have they been popular in our culture for a long time, but they’re also seeing a resurgence in popularity.Nameplate necklaces have been a fixture in fashion culture over the last forty years. First popularized in the 1980s, they were mainly worn by younger generations--especially teenagers. In the early 90s, they were particularly popular within Black and Latinx communities. Given their expense at the time, they were often considered a luxury item indicating status and wealth. Despite this, name necklaces grew in prominence.

Then came Carrie Bradshaw. In HBO’s Sex and the City, Bradshaw--played by Sarah Jessica Parker--wore a nameplate necklace in nearly every episode. The fictional New York fashionista helped It become an instant fashion trend almost overnight. Films like Honey featured characters wearing them. Musicians across genres including hip-hop and pop donned them throughout the early 2000s.

While nameplate necklaces did experience an eventual dip in popularity, they are now experiencing a sort of renaissance. Technology, in particular, has been a driving factor. Jewelers have been developing new innovations that help push down the costs of personalized jewelry. Baseline necklaces are now relatively inexpensive, and customization is more cost-friendly. You can change multiple features, including:This reduction in cost makes name necklaces more accessible to the average consumer. It’s now possible to own a high-quality piece fit for even the biggest celebrity. And if you’re still not convinced about how popular these necklaces are, look at the celebrities who are wearing them!
There are so many celebrities who wear nameplate necklaces--almost too many to mention. A quick glimpse at many celebrities' social media channels will show you. And this is true across media industries.
In the music world, they’re still popular. Lots of hip-hop artists wear nameplate necklaces as part of their signature style and identity. Other big names in music wear them too. Beyoncé, for example, has worn letters on her neck nearly since the beginning of her career with Destiny’s Child. But musicians aren’t the only ones sporting these fashionable pieces of jewelry.
The Kardashians are also known for wearing names around their necks. Kim Kardashian West cycles through a few different ones, usually interchanging between pieces bearing her childrens' names. Her sister Kourtney wears a nameplate that reads “sister.” Other fashion icons like Bella Hadid have been known to wear name necklaces as well.Necklaces bearing initials have also broken major news stories. In 2016, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, was captured on camera wearing the letters “H” and “M.” For many media outlets, this broke open the longstanding suspicion that she and Prince Harry were a couple. Sure enough, the news was confirmed by Markle and the Prince not long after.

Nameplate necklaces are a staple of celebrity fashion nowadays. From musicians and actresses to fashion icons, this jewelry is only growing in popularity. But there’s still one intriguing question: why?

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