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Top 10 App Store optimisation tips for digital publishers

Top 10 App Store optimisation tips for digital publishers

What is App Store Optimisation?
App store optimisation is similar to search engine optimisation (SEO) in that you are trying to maximise the visibility of your app in app stores. The goal is to become more visible in both search and when users browse certain categories. By becoming more visible, you will see increased traffic to your listing and more total downloads.To get more news about App Store Optimization, you can visit official website.

One of the best parts of app store optimisation is that it is free. Compared to expensive social media or other marketing campaigns, ASO is extremely cost-effective. That said, even though it is financially inexpensive, it isn’t completely free. ASO requires a deep understanding of how app stores work. As a digital publisher you also need to understand the target user base. Finally, you must know the potential keywords that your targets are using when searching for magazine and news apps.
Why is App Store Optimisation important?
From these app store optimisation basics, you may still be wondering why ASO is so important. Essentially, it comes down to the fact that ASO is an efficient way to leverage user behaviour.

All we need to do is look at statistics from Google. According to one study from Google, 48% of users discover apps through app store browsing. They open the Google Play Store and browse for an app that provides value for them. Because of this, browsing and search are extremely important methods for discovering new apps. ASO can help your magazine or news app stand out from competitors’ apps, making it more likely that new users will discover your app through simple browsing.

1: Focus on the title

The title of your app is extremely important. You must ensure that you have a title that reflects several things. First, it must reflect the core keywords that are used to describe your app (more on this below). It also must reflect the value that you are providing to your users.

2: Incorporate relevant keywords

Like SEO, keywords are an extremely important part of ASO. To improve your search rankings in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you must have a good understanding of your audience and the keywords that they are using. There’s no way around this.

3: Create a standout icon

Your visual icon is an extremely important part of standing out. This is because a potential user is quickly browsing through many different apps at one time. Essentially, your app’s icon should be eye-catching, unique, and engaging.

4: Create a compelling description

Your app’s description is like a landing page. And like designing any landing page, you want to be simple and concise. Explain the unique features of your app and try to pre-emptively answer questions that a new user would have. For instance, make sure the user knows what your app does, the problem it solves, and why it is worth the price.

5: Include high-quality screenshots and video

While they may not have a direct effect on downloads, high-quality screenshots and videos can show users the value of your app. The first two to three screenshots appear in the gallery on page load. You can also upload additional screenshots (five for an iOS app and eight for an Android app). These screenshots should show off the value proposition of your app.

6: Choose the appropriate category

Categories may not be top of mind, yet they are an important way for users to find you. Placing your magazine or news app in the proper category for both app stores is helpful for your users and helps your app rank well.

7: Seek out reviews

Simply put, reviews go a long way. Positive ratings and reviews can elevate your app up the rankings. You want to focus on quality and quantity here. Ultimately, however, you want to get as many reviews as you can.

8: Consider outside promotion

On-page optimisation is just one tool in your toolkit. You may also want to invest in outside promotion to drive traffic to your app page. It can also increase your visibility in app stores and generate more digital sales.

9: Embrace analytics

I recommend that you use a tool like Google Firebase to track your app’s performance in both app stores. Google Firebase is an outstanding tool that provides a wealth of data. For example, you can see where your app stands compared to the competition. With that information in hand, you can further boost your app store ranking.

10: Frequently update your app

Finally, I encourage you to frequently update your app. The simple fact is that mobile customers are looking for apps that are constantly improving. Apps that are frequently updated are thought to offer more value. This feeling leads to more positive reviews after app updates.

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