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The Top 8 Chinese Fashion Trends of 2020

The Top 8 Chinese Fashion Trends of 2020

With the hectic energy of 2020, fashion was one of the few stable places of self-expression during the pandemic. Here’s a look at the top eight fashion trends among Chinese influencers in 2020.To get more news about fashion news today, you can visit shine news official website.

Fashion, at its core, is taking wardrobe essentials and turning them into statement pieces. During the pandemic, masks were fully embraced as a 2020 fashion trend, not just a necessity. Check out this Chinese designer who makes silk masks to protect her customers.

Contemporary brands with “woke” values
Description: This was the year of eco-friendly, direct-to-consumer brands such as Everlane, Allbirds, Lululemon and Vejia.

These brands celebrate a green lifestyle that has been trending among Chinese influencers. Culturally, they represent what Chinese millennials strive for: an international lifestyle that is wholesome and part of #livingyourbestlife
Shopping sustainably has gone a step further this year. Upcycling transforms old clothes, accessories and tactile waste into new, wearable products. Not only are people scouring the thrift store racks, but they are digging through their rejects as well.

Upcycling has even taken to the runway. After relocating from New York to China during the pandemic, designer Shie Lyu delivered a refreshing debut collection, entitled “Glamour Buffer,'' during Shanghai Fashion Week.
During these dark past few months, people have turned to their closets for a bit of light. The 2020 summer was filled with bright colors from soft pistachio greens to baby blues.

Animal Print
Leopard print is a timeless style that 2020 has reimagined. It takes inspiration from previous decades but with a modern hybrid feel.

People are looking for comfort and ease after being crammed in their houses for so many months. Throw on a leather jacket to immediately look cool, calm and collected. Classic brand Chanel adopted this trend for the runway this year.

From Zoom meetings to online classes, people have found a way to dress up, at least from the waist up. Blazers, fitted jackets, and suits fall under the trend of “Modern Workwear.”

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