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What has been the biggest challenge?we estimate that GT will come out at one of the lower price points runescape gold to encourage people to experience it. By nature it is very different from historical GTs or the GT5 that we might release in the future that usually come out at the highest price point.

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"I think if you look at YouTube and why it has been successful, and I could give you 99 other examples, its just that they let the community get on with it and do whatever they want."I can't wait to put it out there and see what people do with it. I don't really know. People yesterday came up with a quiz where you have to get the wrong answer. It was full of double negatives and confusing questions. People are smarter than me, at least collectively!"

The success of Buzz hasn't gone unnoticed by other publishers. Microsoft is releasing a Scene It trivia game for Xbox 360 this Christmas, and Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are also working on upcoming trivia games.Mr Amor says he has been very pleased with the success of Buzz, and it has changed his outlook as a games developer. "For 15 years I've been making really serious games that take years to make, and then we make a silly little game like Buzz and everybody goes crazy for it."

It's third time lucky for Screen Play regular Anthony Murphy, who has won a PlayStation 3 console for his third Your Turn blog entry.he PS2 controllers will be compatible with the PS3's Quiz TV, but fans might want to trade up to the new wireless versions, which feel a lot more solid in the hand and help ensure your mates don't trip over on the way to the fridge to get another bee

Anthony, who has previously had pieces published on Screen Play comparing game publishers to the Mafia and exploring the positive impact of gaming on his life, wins this month's prize for his thoughts on massively multiplayer games.Congratulations to Anthony, and remember that you could be the next winner of a $699 PS3 console just by writing a blog on any topic related to interactive entertainment.

He also describes Australia as his favourite territory "Australia go nuts for Buzz" and says Sony will be creating lots of Australian specific content for Quiz TV. "Previously you had to make it mostly international (questions) and a bit Australian, but with PlayStation 3."Sony has sold over 150,000 sets of Buzzer controllers in the past two years in Australia. r.
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