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Bathroom lighting trends - from statement pendants to pretty sconces

Bathroom lighting trends - from statement pendants to pretty sconces

Lighting can make or break even the most thoughtfully decorated room. ‘Lights are the interior enthusiasts secret weapon, both for creating an atmosphere with the light they give, and for providing those important little finishing touches in a room’s décor,’ says Rohan Blacker, founder of Pooky. Get more news about Bathroom Lamp,you can vist our website!

Bathrooms are an area ‘often overlooked from a lighting point of view,’ notes Paul Nulty, founder of Nulty. However, ‘when applied with precision, bathroom lighting has the capacity to influence a person’s during different points of the day, regenerating us in the morning or encouraging us to relax and unwind later on,’ continues Paul. ‘Also, crucially, it can be the defining factor within an interior scheme, accentuating a feature area or picking out the detail of a specific material or finish.’
Interior designer Louise Bradley says that, 'lighting design throughout the home is essential to the desired atmosphere of a space; especially when designing a bathroom, it should be considered as important as the other rooms throughout the property.'

This home, designed and owned by Tamara Kaye-Honey, creative director of interior design practice House of Honey, heard the message loud and clear, choosing a statement sputnik light fitting in their gable-roofed bathroom.

Such a crisp, modern design might typically be placed in a living room, but the trend is absolutely that if you love a light, there's no reason why the bathroom shouldn't join in on the love.Make the light the star of the show by echoing with metallic touches elsewhere in the space. Sticking to a clean palette stops any distraction from the pendant.'When it comes to bathroom lighting, people tend to sway more towards functionality however there are many designs that can achieve both functionality and style,' notes Rohan Blacker, founder of Pooky.

Taking this into account, look towards unusual shapes and styles which will add interest without losing practicality.

'Bulbus shades have a sense of fluidity that’s adaptable and will work in a variety of rooms,' says Rohan. 'It’s soft and subtle while the scale allows you to create impact.'At times, bathroom lighting can be more about creating an atmosphere than anything else.

'Wall lights in bathrooms aren’t usually the sole source of light and are used functionally to accentuate particular areas such as vanity units, as well as for decorative purposes,' comments Robbie Llewellyn, co-founder of Bert Frank.

If to you a bathroom is all about switching off and relaxing, then steer clear of harsh, bright task lighting.

A light like the Beran [pictured] offers a softly illuminating glow. 'The natural translucent nature of the stone diffuses the light source which makes it very flattering, washing walls with a soft light that creates a calming, tranquil ambience and spa like environment,' says Robbie.

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