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Ultra-Broadband Baluns

Ultra-Broadband Baluns

HYPERLABS broadband baluns offer unrivaled bandwidth, amplitude and phase match, and price-for-performance in microwave and RF applications.Get more news about Broadband Balun,you can vist our website!

These baluns convert an unbalanced 50 ohm signal to a precision-balanced differential signal. They are bi-directional and can also be used as high-precision signal combiners (differential to single-ended) with excellent CMRR and minimal harmonic distortion.

All our baluns are designed for applications in high-speed analog-to-digital conversion, signal generation, and pulse inversion.
We have designed a new ultra wideband balun. Compared to competing products, the low cutoff frequency is more than 2 decades lower; that allows precise measurement of long pulses. Our balun can be used to measure differential signals, for instance produced by derivative electromagnetic free field sensors. The shielding effectiveness of the device allows measurements in a disturbed environment. As the balun is passive and all the accesses are 50 ohm, it can be used in both directions.

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