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Six Jewelry Designers That Should Be On Your Radar For 2021

Six Jewelry Designers That Should Be On Your Radar For 2021

The jewelry industry is filled with designers who work in fine materials and position their lines as the collectibles of tomorrow. But how do you choose the rare talents with staying power, who create pieces you will want to wear for years to come when you are bombarded by new designers every day on Instagram? How do you select which aesthetic best suits yours when ads pop up on your computer and while surfing the fine jewelry websites, you become so overwhelmed that you are on sensory overload and need to log off and bake cookies? Unless you are jewelry savvy and invest in a lot of timely research, you might not find your new dream designers. And that’s where we come in. This article provides six new designers in different areas of the fine jewelry market that might just be what you are searching for. Here are our picks for designers to watch in different categories for 2019:To get more news about fashion jewellery design images 2021, you can visit official website.

Thea Miller designs jewelry that is as inspiring as it is edgy. When she first launched her collection Dru Jewelry in 2013, she re-interpreted iconic symbols and images that provided hope and solace throughout history. Her first pieces were a mix of modern iterations and found vintage pieces but as the desire for her collection grew, she began reworking all of her pieces into a theme that drew on empowerment, strength and faith in oneself and promise for a better reality. She balances her eye for what’s fine and feminine with a rocker chic vibe in her ability to creatively mine the past for symbolic jewelry that connects women to their emotions, grace, strength and sense of humor.

Miller never imitates or re-creates, rather her sensibilities and talent takes her to new places that touch on styles of various time periods with a current and clean-lined spirit. Her jewelry includes, ‘mantra’ pendants, which are engraved with meaningful words and sayings, weighty, gemstone and diamond-studded dog tags, shields, charm necklaces that can include daggers and crosses for protection and hope, and all styles of signet rings.

One of her most sought-after styles is her Conservatory Ring series which she created in collaboration with Alain Simic (Dru Jewelry xxx PV Collection) and which borrow inspiration from locket and poison rings that we have seen throughout different moments in jewelry’s history, dating back to medieval times and made popular again from the Victorian Era through the Vintage ‘70s. These rings have the look of chunky signets but the Conservatory styles slide open to reveal a secret compartment. What’s so evocative about them is their original imagery that tells a story from the shank and top of the ring all the way through to the plaque or what Miller calls the ‘chamber’ when the compartment is opened. Miller explains, "The fact that these rings act as a locket only further emphasizes their special meaning. Lockets were used to store tokens of love, loss and keep sacred those parts of us we want to keep close but might not want to reveal.” Her full collection is based on the belief is that “as women, we are all multi-faceted and complex, yet we are independent and powerful enough to find light in the dark.”

GiGi Ferranti has blurred the boundaries of fine jewelry. Her passion is in creating pieces that defy the pretty florals, garlands and leaves of the ’90s and early part of the millennium has resulted in pieces that are crafted in luxurious metals, vivid and high-quality gemstones and twinkle with a heavy dose of diamond accents. Ferranti has pushed through to become a new wave of jewelry designer, creating collections that weave together old world techniques with modern technology. Her designs combine the symmetry of geometric lines and architectural influences, with a finely tuned delicate yet powerful feminine aesthetic. Throughout her collection, she features ultra-modern and streamlined shapes that appeal to the woman who prefers jewelry to be bold but still wearable, stackable and collected.

Her collection is crafted in yellow, pink and white gold as well as platinum which Ferranti will do as special orders. Different themes in the collection can stand-alone or intermingle with other groupings. All designs are created for maximum versatility and rely on triangular, hexagonal and diamond shapes and her love for layering and stacking can be seen throughout the collection. Ferranti's ability to merchandise and build upon her line stems from her first career in the fashion industry. She then went on to complete her graduate gemologist degree in 2011 and launched her collection in 2015. Her collection is a must-have for any woman who wants to update her fine jewelry wardrobe with pieces that can still mix easily yet offer a high dose of fashion and the longevity to live on past the trends.

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