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Cosmo Films launches synthetic paper range

Cosmo Films launches synthetic paper range

High Tear Resistant Synthetic Paper has been engineered to be non-tearable for tag applications. It is printable on both sides by UV offset, water and UV flexo, and thermal transfer printing processes. It is a modified product for laser printable applications. It can be printed on digital presses including Xerox, Canon, HP Indigo, Konica Minolta, amongst others.Get more news about Synthetic Paper Label,you can vist our website!

Kapil Anand, head sales, Speciality Labels & Industrial Films, Cosmo Films, said: ‘This paper completes our portfolio for digital paper applications.’

Polypropylene films, for pressure-sensitive label applications, are coated on both sides and offer excellent print receptivity with different ink systems. The films do not leave stains on containers if labels are removed or repositioned.

Matte coated pressure-sensitive labelstock films feature top coating compatible with eight different kinds of print media, namely UV flexo, water flexo, thermal transfer, letterpress, screen, digital, UV inkjet and UV offset. These films are supplied in 65 and 75 microns when used as pressure-sensitive labelstock material and in thicker microns to up to 500 micron for other applications.

Transparent in-mold label film has been designed to offer in-mold label customers requiring no label look and high transparency for their labels. They offer high gloss on both sides and can be easily printed using offset, rotogravure and flexo printing processes.

High Speed WAL film is a cavitated white opaque film designed for high speed bottling operations and displays excellent machinability upto 55,000 bottles per hour.

Pearlized metalized WAL film offers sparkling metal brilliance mostly used by beverage brands for limited edition bottles and high-end jobs.

‘Labelexpo Europe is a platform to interact with new customers and understand new industry trends in labeling and sustainability. We are getting new and good enquiries for our showcased products,’ concluded Anand.

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