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What’s the next big thing in outdoor furniture you may ask? We’re seeing the trend in upholstered outdoor furniture taking off!Get more news about Upholstered Outdoor Sofas ,you can vist our website!

Outdoor furniture designer, Richard Frinier, commented on the trend this spring in his interview with Elle Decor, stating “we’ve seen slipcovers and cushions, but there are companies now making fully upholstered furniture using completely weather-resistant materials. It looks exactly like indoor furniture.”

We agree. We’re watching some of the leading outdoor furniture brands, including LaneVenture and Lloyd Flanders, introducing more options for upholstered patio furniture that looks as though it should be inside the home. The breadth of style and fabric options has grown exponentially in the last year.

By using weather-resistant fabrics, which are durable, comfortable and washable, these fully upholstered outdoor furniture collections bring a new level of style and comfort to an outdoor room. Here’s a glimpse of some of the options from the leading outdoor furniture brands:Part of the Coastal Living collection, casual styling and billowy comfort are the pillars for the Lloyd Flanders Sea Island Collection. This refreshing collection brings casual elegance and indoor comfort to an outdoor room.

Most importantly, don’t let all of that fabric scare you. The slipcovers can be simply pulled off and thrown in the washing machine and air dried (do not throw in the dryer). We like Oxy-Clean when we wash ours. Cold water only and the fabric is good as new.

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