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How To Maintain Hot-melt Adhesive Laminating Machine

How To Maintain Hot-melt Adhesive Laminating Machine

Hot-melt glue in coating and laminating machine equipment has played a big role, and tape coating machines are similar, can bring people's great help.Get more news about Automatic High Glossy Foil Hot Melt Laminating Machine,you can vist our website!

In production operation process in the hot melt rubber composite machine and tape coated cloth machine of operation are not special complex, but also to note in operation Shi must to note machine of cleaning, don't let machine Shang has dust, long time cloth wipe dust, makes dust left in machine Shang such is easy hurt to machine, like hot melt rubber composite machine is is easy by dust of damage of.
When it comes to cutting machine, many of my friends are not very understanding, on top of many light industries, cutting machine is not allowed to lack of equipment, it is primarily to the non-metallic materials processing. so when we were in operation cutting machine, how to safely operate?

First we to first set CD knife, set zhiqian to first relax handwheel, let above of set Rod contact to award points, such on can put CD knife set in switch of place has; addition in operation of when, CD knife must to placed in plate Central of location, such on not caused mechanical of unilateral wear has, also not effect it of using life; then if to replaced new of CD knife words, we to see Xia height is consistent, if not as words, will according to method again set, for award action of when, Hands away from the cutting knives, chopping boards, do not use her hands to hold the knife mold, so as to avoid accidents.

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