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How to effectively extend the service life of the wire?

How to effectively extend the service life of the wire?

The service life of the wire and cable is generally not less than 20 years, but this does not mean that the wire can not be replaced during the warranty period. If the wire insulation layer is damaged or broken, causing frequent failures of the wire, the wire must be replaced as soon as possible. So, how to effectively extend the service life of the wire?
1. Avoid man-made damage: The wires directly laid on the outer wall must be careful not to be man-made. The wires are mainly insulated by the outer insulation layer. When the wires are aged and hardened, become brittle or fall off, the surface insulation performance will be reduced.
2. Pay attention to moisture: the underground pipelines and wires should be protected from moisture. Under humid conditions, short circuit leakage is more likely to occur when moisture penetrates into the metal conductor. In addition to affecting the service life of the wire, it is also prone to fire accidents.
3. Pay attention to oxidative deterioration: Many LAN cables are under the eaves. At this time, be careful not to expose to the sun and the ambient temperature should not be too high. Because ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the aging of the cable, thereby shortening the service life.
4. Pay attention to storage: When storing the wires, it is strictly forbidden to come into contact with acids, alkalis and mineral oils, and store them in isolation from these corrosive substances. Avoid storing cables in the open in the open as much as possible, and the wire reels are not allowed to lay flat.

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