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How to prevent holes from hitting wires in home improvement?

How to prevent holes from hitting wires in home improvement?

In home improvement, sometimes we need to punch holes to add new power supplies or other electrical equipment. At this time, we must know the wiring distribution of the home, so as not to hit the pipes or wires when punching holes, so as to bury the safety of the wiring at home. Hidden dangers. So, how to prevent the holes from hitting the wires in the renovation of home improvement lines?

First of all, in the absence of drawings, special detectors, and the help of professionals, we'd better not fight by ourselves. If it is some small objects, there are some nail-free glue on the market now, which is convenient and easy to use. If you must play, you can mix and use the following methods:

Method 1: Open the junction box, check the direction of the line, take a certain line box as the coordinate radiation, the direction of the line can be judged to be inseparable, but it is not guaranteed to be foolproof.
Method 2: If you can't judge the direction of the line after opening the junction box, we can use a non-contact induction pen for electricians. This kind of electric pen has a certain isolation detection capability, but the detection depth is limited. When using the induction electric pen, it must be energized when measuring, otherwise, the induction electric pen will not respond.
Method 3: Find a small radio and tune it to a place where there is no radio station. Move the radio close to the wall to be constructed. If there are wires in the wall, the radio will make a lot of noise. The place where the sound is loudest is the position of the wire. Mark it. You can rest assured to punch the construction.

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