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The Walking Dead Custom Action Figures

The Walking Dead Custom Action Figures

Robert of Mack Expo is a freelance graphic artist and a huge fan of The Walking Dead comics and TV show, who collects the action figures. As a member of a passionate group called The Walking Dead Action Figures and Memorabilia, he was inspired by customizers who make their own figures to give it a try. Although initially hesitant to destroy good figures, he dove in looking at the new figures as works of art. I agree!To get more news about custom couple figurine, you can visit official website.

His first figure was Constable Michonne. After receiving positive feedback, he was inspired to do more, especially of minor character and comic cover characters. According to Robert, he does a lot of research before beginning a character, deciding on outfits and accessories. He likes to determine which action figures would work best to be able to-in his words- Frankenstein the parts together! He said that he’s fortunate to be able to buy many characters at discount prices near him. He also does some sculpting to make them “as great and accurate as I possibly can.”

Robert has even designed a template of the original packaging to protect the figures and used his graphic design skills to design the outside packages to look authentic. It’s amazing work! This also appeals to collectors who like to keep their figures in the original packaging.

Chris Hooton has uploaded a number of photos of his custom figurine to his blog Sabretooth's Workshop. The figure is modeled after the Force Awakens trailer's desert speeder bike and the character riding it, played by Daisy Ridley.

"It's a total scratch build, with a lot of cutting and sanding of random hunks of plastic coming together to reach what is pictured here," says Hooton.

He adds that the rider's limbs are adjustable and that he incorporated a "slight gimmick" while building his figure: the handlebars are adjustable, to add variation in the way the Ridley's character rides her vehicle.

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