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What are the benefits of custom jewelry?

What are the benefits of custom jewelry?

Take a custom diamond ring as an example, and what are the advantages of custom-made diamond rings. The diamond rings purchased in the mall are all produced in batches, and the limited style and homogenization are inevitable. Customized is different, what styles can be popular, you can say that as long as the market can be customized, if you are not satisfied with the market, you can also design new styles.To get more news about photo projection bracelet, you can visit official website.

In particular, the wedding diamond ring, in order to make it more special and commemorative value, you can also engrave or pattern on the diamond ring. It can be said that the custom diamond mother’s ring can really make you have a unique diamond ring that is unique and belongs to you.

The value of a diamond lies in and only lies in its 4C, namely carat, color, clarity, and cut. This is a uniform quotation in the international arena, as long as the price is same, it has nothing to do with the brand of the diamond.

GIA certificate diamonds, each with its own ID number, are recorded on the certificate, and the diamond’s waist line is also engraved with its corresponding laser anti-counterfeiting number. There is absolutely no problem with counterfeiting. If you have any doubts, you can also directly enter the US GIA official website to enter the diamond number and weight for enquiry.

It is especially important to purchase bare diamonds and go directly to the national authorities for re-examination. The inspection and identification of bare stones is better and more accurate. Once it is inlaid, it is difficult to accurately test the 4C of diamonds due to the influence of setting. Unless the diamond is removed, the normal consumer will not do so, so individual merchants will counterfeit the weight and level of the diamond, which will harm the interests of consumers.

Customized jewellery in China is mainly made up of diamonds and fancy treasures. Because of the barriers of the traditional jewellery industry, the integration of processing, production and sales has eliminated many intermediate costs. Custom jewellery is actually noble but not expensive. Jewelers work directly with suppliers to buy bare diamonds, and have their own processing plants, eliminating the need for many intermediate links in the sale of finished jewelry, and the price is naturally much cheaper than the finished product.

At present, more and more consumers choose bare diamond custom diamond rings, especially mature consumers who have a certain understanding of diamonds. According to relevant media statistics, nearly 40% of people in Shanghai have a high awareness of diamonds. Choose custom when buying diamond jewelry such as diamond rings.

“I hope that there is such a wedding ring, it must be unique, it is our love testimony, to have the elements I like, to have a special imprint of our love.” This is heartfelt more and more into the 85s, 90s teenagers who are marriage age, they are pursuing personality.

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