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Create custom 3D printed Skylanders Imaginators figures

Create custom 3D printed Skylanders Imaginators figures

Skylanders: Imaginators is out later this month and the newest game in the series lets you create your very own Skylander in-game.To get more news about custom couple figurine, you can visit official website.

Now Activision is taking it a step further and letting players create their very own custom Skylanders figures.

Using the new mobile app that will release alongside the game for iOS and Android mobile devices, you can design your own character to transfer into the game, or have it made into a custom 3D Skylanders figure that has full functionality within the game for $49.99.

"The Skylanders Creator app will feature Timed Imaginite Chests that give users new creation parts for their Imaginators at certain times during the day, daily Sensei Chests featuring special parts unique to that Skylander, a collection menu where players can access all of their created Imaginators, called My Imaginators’ Creation Gallery, and the ability to share created characters with fans around the world," says Activision.

You can even get trading cards and t-shirts featuring your custom character. The trading card will set you back $14.99 while the t-shirts cost $24.99.

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