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Personalized gifts for certain Apple employees

Personalized gifts for certain Apple employees

Thanks to the Apple Watch, many athletes keep fit by tracking their activity statistics on the wrist. To do this, there is a special dial in the form of rings, each dedicated to a different exercise:To get more news about personalized gifts, you can visit official website.

Depending on the physical characteristics of the user, the watch is responsible for defining precise objectives which then suffice to complete to complete each circle. When it’s done, a virtual reward appears. Apple thus makes it possible to decide between the most motivated with regular challenges, confirming its commitments in terms of health reiterated during the various keynotes where its wearables are presented. But there are also printed prices!
Some Apple employees have indeed been offered a set of three personalized napkins precisely in the colors of these circles, in a white box accompanied by a message of encouragement. In English, this congratulates the recipient for having “looked after his body, his health and the members of his team“. The story does not say whether others will ever be lucky enough to receive such a gift, but it is unlikely.

These seem in fact reserved only for employees of the Apple, who had already received personalized bracelets for a similar occasion before. However, it happens that objects of this type then make the happiness of the collectors, sometimes with four or five figure auctions.
Last April, Apple unveiled the AirTag connected beacons that make it easy to find lost belongings thanks to an integrated Bluetooth chip. It is then via the Locate platform that Internet users can identify the position of the device, which it is possible to ring. It is difficult to know precisely how many of these small devices have been able to find a buyer since their release, but the success seems largely to be found in the press.

To celebrate this success, Apple dismantled several of these gadgets to dispose of spare parts in a frame mentioning six creators of the AirTag. A thank you which is reminiscent of similar works but this time bones the iPhone.

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