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WOW TBC Classic Phase 2 Gold Making Guide

WOW TBC Classic Phase 2 Gold Making Guide

WOW Phase 2 is coming to the burning crusade classic which means there are some great opportunities to make lots of gold. This guide focuses on the things you need to be stocking up on, which you can use, as an investment, to make more WOW TBC Classic gold in phase 2.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The first items are materials for nature, frost and arcane protection potions, and cauldrons, so these are going to be mainly mana thistle and some of the primals, there are a few new rating counters in serpent shrine caverns and the eye where resistance potions are going to help with progression, you also going to keep an eye on the vanilla era potions as well since they're they don't protect a whole lot more, it's on the top and it's an extra 800 protection when you're looking at the big ones versus little ones look at the price difference.

During vanilla, alchemy was the bread and butter for money-making in wow tbc classic. so devoting a lot more time to alchemy for tier 5 content is the next thing. To stock up on is interior materials like large prismatic shards, arcane dust, void crystals, also be keeping an eye on the lower level and chaining materials so mainly the materials that can generate from crafting shuffles to get big quantities. If you're unfamiliar with crafting shuffles, need to know how to generate a lot of enchanting dust from making things with tailoring and disenchanting.

Buying a bunch of told for wow tbc classic phase 2 is primals. At the new taylor items that are available when servant shrine and the eye come out, there are two belts the built-up blasting the built-in long road and two pairs of boots blasted in a long road that take a lot of materials to make. To hold some primal fires life and water for these items.

A few tailoring characters that can make specialty cloths. so that's primal moon cloth, shadow cloth, spell cloth, will continue to make these on cooldown, but to hold on to the cloth instead of just selling it right away. Once wow tbc classic phase 2 hits, these can be sold, the price of primals to go up and probably see the price of the specialty cloths increase as well because they're used for not only the new stuff but also some really strong starter gear.

If someone's like trying to get their tune caught up or they're just trying to get whatever character they want to play in the new burning crusade raids. With a little bit more gear they're probably going to be making these crafted pieces.

So here's a quick look at weather working the same thing, some belts, and boots that are going to be added, they're going to use some different primals.

Maybe you can hope the price of pretty much all the primals increases a little bit, so the name of the game is to buy while they are undervalued right now, and hope the price goes up. So probably a couple of stacks of each and then sell those once the WOW TBC Classic phase 2 starts.

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