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I did write and share to you guys about Star Wars: The Old Republic is dying, again. At least for me since I once quitted the game and having deep considerations for months now. Thinking in the optimistic side of things though since I really love the game, what is in store for us then? Things are becoming stale in the game and sparks the curiosity of loyal fans if there will be something to look forward to. Honestly, I don’t see much effort on the developers’ end and if it is not developers’ effort, the creativity on coming up with new things to put in the game. Nobody will buy SWTOR Credits if there is no development in SWTOR.To get more news about Buy Swtor Gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

I found a similar curious player / fan in Reddit wondering if there will be new stuff for us in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Majoraman posted:

Do we have any news on expansions etc for the horizon? I am liking the fallen empire story but I am finding the locations and enemies a bit repetitive, with the story super short for how long it takes to release the chapter.

I saw that screenie of the the SWTOR dev team which disheartened me, I want to return but not to a game that’s not gonna get much dev love:)

They’ve got some things ready to show Saturday, I believe. I cannot imagine the KOTFE story coming to any sad satisfying conclusion in one upcoming chapter.

Another comment said that there will be a KotFE season 2 which will be called KotET (Knights of the Eternal Throne) but just speculated. I don’t know. I would still like to be optimistic and give it a chance. Hopefully the game won’t be as worthless as cheap SWTOR Credits.

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