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Hand-Stamped Pieces With Personality From Soremi Jewellery

Hand-Stamped Pieces With Personality From Soremi Jewellery

You might never suspect that hidden within one of Soremi Jewellery’s sleek gold bands or spiraling silver scroll necklaces is a secret message—and that’s exactly the point. “I make personalized jewelry for people who might not normally think they like personalized jewelry,” says designer Ghazal Ghahri-Saremi, who is based in Leeds, UK. Her understated approach gives shoppers the opportunity to subtly customize pieces with the text of their choice, turning already beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings into something even more special. “Because it’s personalized—because it means something—you love it all the more,” she says. “It’s not just a piece of jewelry. It’s the lyrics to the first dance with your husband; the dates of your children’s birthdays; the graduation gift your mother bought you.”To get more news about projection necklace, you can visit official website.
Working exclusively with made-to-last materials like gold and sterling silver, Ghazal focuses on creating timeless designs that can be worn day in and day out for decades. “I don’t tend to make fashion-inspired jewelry,” she explains. “I try to make things that are still going to look lovely in 15 years’ time.” The dazzling result of her efforts? An heirloom-quality collection bursting with one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll be dying to add to your holiday wish list or gift to an extra-lucky loved one.

When I had my daughters, I wanted to keep a little bit of them with me, but subtly so. Often, people give jewelry to mark a moment, a celebration, or an achievement, so it already has quite a lot of sentimental meaning attached. I wanted to marry that sentiment with actual words, so I started exploring how to use text on jewelry. My pieces became focused on family, celebrating milestones in life, and keeping words that mean something to you with you all the time. I’ve got a lot of pieces with hidden personalization, so only the wearer knows it’s there.

My scroll collection is designed for a lot of text: words with meaning, lyrics, poetry, dates of birth, life mantras. Even though it’s covered in text, it’s super subtle; nobody is going to look at it from a distance and think, “Oh, you’ve got the line from your favorite Bruce Springsteen track on it.” The scrolls also have a lovely sense of fluidity and motion. As you wear them, the scroll moves around.

Then there’s my nuts and bolts collection—the most popular piece from that collection is the family nuts and bolts necklace. It’s got a very slender bolt that’s worn on the chain and three beautiful nuts, either in solid silver or rose and yellow gold. Each nut has room for dates, so most people go for their children’s birthdays. The nuts all screw on and off, so it’s really quirky and playful.

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