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How to Layer Jewelry: Tips and Tricks

How to Layer Jewelry: Tips and Tricks

Most fashion lovers watch out daily for innovations and new and creative trends to follow, which is essential if you want to keep up with the fashion industry's fast-changing standards. One of the widespread trends when it comes to jewelry is layering.So, read the following article for popular tips and tricks on how to layer your jewelry accessories correctly.To get more news about fashion jewellery design images 2021, you can visit official website.

What is Layering?
More is less right? Well, when it comes to jewelry pieces, the answer is no. Layering is often described as overlaying multiple jewelry pieces on a specific body part (usually the neck or the wrist). Layering includes combining jewelry pieces of different structures, lengths, and even designs.

If you want to try out layering, make sure to follow the tips and tricks we will thoroughly describe in the following text.The most crucial tip in the layering process is choosing the right jewelry pieces that will "get along," especially if you plan on wearing a basic outfit. This step is ideal for those that are new to layering. Opt-out for pieces of the same or similar style, meaning that it is essential for them to fit in; they should belong together.

This tip doesn't exclude any styles. You can combine vintage and antique looks or, for instance, edgy and spikey pieces.It would be easiest for you to start with minimal pieces and choose delicate ones with a compact (lightweight) pendant.

However, if you want to start bold layering from the start, we advise pairing up contrasting styles—for instance, antique and modern, or basic with edgy. Remember that contrasting practice will create a bold and somewhat dramatic look, so it's best to avoid wearing it throughout the day and leave it for a night out.
We recommend choosing a fundamental element for all the layering newbies. It's way easier for you to blend if you choose a basic element in all the pieces making the combining process more manageable.

If you are experiencing trouble finding a shared element, choose the same theme. What do we mean?

Pick out pieces made out of the same material (go all gold or silver).
Pick out pieces that have the same pendant.
Pick out pieces that have the same gemstone.
If you want to make as little effort as possible, consider using only one material as we have mentioned earlier (all gold or all silver).

However, those who decide to combine from the beginning should opt out for different materials that hold the same gemstone.Also, similar shapes work together in a pretty manner. For instance, square gold and square silver can look good with certain outfits.
The Weight
Mixing weights is a great idea, especially if you found pieces of the same theme and size. Using different weights when combining your jewelry pieces will add variety and depth to the whole look as long as you try out several combinations before deciding on the right one.

Balancing is crucial, especially if you want to avoid looking trashy, meaning that it would be best to focus on one area.If you opt out for wearing several rings, go for one necklace and vice versa. Layering a couple of necklaces is quite bulky, so avoid wearing multiple rings or bracelets.Go bold if you plan on spending a special night out, meaning that you can layer in several areas, but only if you truly want to go bold.

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