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How to Use the Editor Mode in Streamlabs Mobile App

How to Use the Editor Mode in Streamlabs Mobile App

Today we will show you how to use the editor mode in the Streamlabs Mobile App to add widgets, overlay themes, custom images, and more. The app is packed with all of the key features essential to mobile live streaming. It supports streaming to popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. It is available for Android here and iOS here.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.
Please note: Platforms require your stream output to have a 16:9 aspect ratio. When you stream in portrait mode, there will be black bars on either side of your camera. To ensure you are arranging your widgets where you want them, you can only edit your widgets in landscape mode. If you are in portrait mode when you click the editor mode, we will automatically transform your screen into landscape mode.

This guarantees that your widgets appear exactly where you want them to on your stream output. For example, if you put your alert box on the very left side of your screen and stream in portrait mode, the alert box will appear in the black bar on the left side of your stream.
The editor mode in the Streamlabs Mobile App allows you to add a variety of different items. From widgets, overlay themes, stream labels, or custom text and images, we give you all of the customizability you need to add an extra layer of personalization for your live stream.

All of the widgets available in Streamlabs OBS are also available to use in the mobile app. From your Alert Box to your Chat Box, adding widgets provides an extra layer of interactivity between you and your audience.

Overlay themes are one of our newest additions to the mobile app. Each theme comes with a custom border around your screen that will appear on stream, a custom alert box widget, and a custom chat widget that will all match.

A Streamlabs image can be used in conjunction with Stream Labels to highlight a top tip, latest follower, subscriber, or anything else you want to call out.

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