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The Best Options for Live Streaming your Wedding

The Best Options for Live Streaming your Wedding

With many couples being forced to change their plans due to current events, virtual weddings have gained popularity. Livestreams have also become more widely used for couples to share their special day with guests without canceling their ceremony. From social media to simple apps, here are some of the best options for live streaming your wedding.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.
Social media may seem like an obvious choice if you’re looking for an easy platform to stream from that everyone can easily access. There are several social media apps that have a “live” feature, with Facebook and Instagram being the most popular. The process is simple and really just requires the push of a button to go live. However, these platforms also have some drawbacks such as lack of privacy since your livestream will be accessible to anyone who can see your profile. You also won’t be able to use any copyrighted music due to their policies.

If you prefer to not broadcast your wedding via social media, an app is another great option. The EventLive app works on any iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet device to easily stream your day. For those having a small wedding, you can use the app for free and stream your ceremony to a maximum of five viewers. If you’ll be having a larger sized wedding, their “Classic” plan offers streaming to unlimited viewers, HD resolution and a replay all for only $50. This app is a solid option for live streaming your wedding.

While Google Hangouts is commonly used for conference calls, it’s also a great option for live streaming your wedding. It’s free to use and you aren’t required to upgrade to a paid plan in order to stream to more than one viewer. It allows you to broadcast to a maximum of 9 people, however it also streams simultaneously to YouTube. You can set that video to public, private or unlisted depending on how many people you have watching. Google Hangouts is also available on both a computer or your phone so your guests can choose their own viewing experience.

Joy is actually a wedding planning website, but also offers its own service for couples interested in live streaming your wedding. You must have an account on Joy to access this feature along with a wedding website. Choose between Vimeo or YouTube as your streaming platform and it will automatically broadcast on your big day through your website. Joy also allows you to collect RSVPs to your livestream, records your video to save and watch later, and send virtual thank you cards to guests who attended.

As with most technology, be sure your venue has a strong wifi signal to ensure the best viewing experience possible for your guests and don’t forget to do a test run before your wedding day so everything goes smoothly. Live streaming your wedding is a wonderful way to bring everyone together virtually. Not sure how to plan the rest of your special day? Read through some of our best tips for planning a virtual wedding! We can also help you shop for your wedding dress from home! Contact us to find out more about our virtual wedding shopping options.

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