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Before you cue up the camera, there are a few things you should know . . . Let's run through how to live stream your wedding like a pro so that your virtual guests aren't left wondering why they can only see the dance floor!To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.
The costs of live streaming a wedding vary—DIY using a mobile phone, DIY with upgraded equipment, or hire a professional. While you can live stream your wedding for free, if you're planning your live stream ahead of time, we recommend at least investing in some upgraded equipment to ensure optimal sound and image quality.

The options for professional-quality live streaming continue to expand, with a wide variety of investment options ranging from $400 to $3000, depending on your location and needs. Start with local videographers that know your venue of choice. Our teams at all Wedgewood Weddings venues can put you in touch with local live stream experts; we're happy to say all of our hand-picked photographers and videographers offer this service. Alternatively, many companies specialize specifically in real-time virtual experiences.
With the rise in popularity of live streaming, there is no shortage of platform options if you choose to DIY your wedding live stream. The most common streaming platforms are Facebook Live, Instagram TV, YouTube Live, Twitter Periscope, Amazon Twitch, and Zoom. Livestream from Vimeo and newcomer Dacast are also great options.

Of course, if you plan to hire a professional, they will handle the technical details for you. One more option is to use a dedicated streaming service for weddings and events. If this takes your fancy, check out: EventLive and LoveStream.It's totally possible to set up a live stream of your wedding at no cost as long as you have some helping hands! We recommend nominating one or two of your most technically savvy guests to assist you with this task.

Facebook’s Live function was launched in August of 2015 as a way to broadcast live video streams to a Facebook user’s or page’s friend list. Using Facebook’s live stream capabilities allows your guests to view the wedding and festivities from the comfort of their own home.
You can stream via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a newer GoPro. There is no right or wrong, but select a device with a good camera and make sure to clean the lens before you start!

If your ceremony is outside, then investing in an external microphone with a sound baffle makes sense. You can pick up low-cost versions that plug directly into a smartphone for under $50. Using a baffle (AKA Wind Shield) will cut the noise from a light breeze, guest chatter, or background distractions.

If you decide to take a professional route, you can add radio mics for you, your fiancé and your officiant. This option guarantees great sound, but unless you already have the equipment, it is usually easier (and more cost-effective) to ask your videographer for help.

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