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Live streaming: 4 ways to broadcast yourself

Live streaming: 4 ways to broadcast yourself

During COVID-19 containment efforts, much has been made of video conferencing tools, such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. These systems make it possible for many people to see, talk, and share screens at a time when in-person meetings are limited. With a device, internet access, and an app, you can meet.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.
Live streaming relies on the same core infrastructure—a device, internet, and apps—but broadcasts your message to the world. With live streaming, your potential reach is no longer limited by the number of people in your meeting. Instead, people can view your video on the web, mobile devices, or in apps.
Live streaming can make a lot of sense for a businessperson, an educator, or a nonprofit leader. A live stream can convey your personality and let people know that you are open for business today. A restaurant owner might talk about and show video of daily take-out specials. An educator can share a lecture, tips, or reassuring words aimed at either students or parents and guardians. A musician or writer might share a performance or reading live.

Live streaming doesn't require complex equipment. In most cases, you can start a stream with nothing more than a laptop with a working webcam and microphone. Or, if you prefer, a smartphone or tablet will work too. Each of the four solutions below let you provide a live stream to anyone with internet access. Want to explore more devices, apps, and techniques? The Live-Streaming Handbook by Peter Stewart, published in 2017, offers helpful advice, as do videos from participants in the Mobile Creator Summit, held in April-May 2020.
For people who have a Google account, YouTube Live, part of YouTube Studio, offers the ability to live stream from the webcam on your laptop or desktop. Before you can live stream, your YouTube channel must be verified with a phone number and you'll need a current desktop version of either the Chrome or Firefox browsers. Additionally, your account must not have received any restrictions. As you might expect, people may view YouTube Live streams on any device that supports YouTube video access.

Select the live stream icon, a red dot with four partial semi-circular lines in the upper-right portion of the screen. This takes you to the Live Control Room, where you may choose your webcam (from the left menu), then enter information, adjust settings, and start your stream.

To stream to YouTube on a mobile device, your YouTube channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. YouTube also supports more complicated microphone and video configurations, and also works with a variety of third-party video tools.

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