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Guide to Streaming Games From Your Phone

Guide to Streaming Games From Your Phone

YouTube has evolved from being an entertainment platform to becoming a money-making machine. For gamers, this has become particularly beneficial. You can now play your favorite video games, gain plenty of viewers, and connect with other gamers. If your channel is growing fast enough, you can eventually get paid while playing. The gaming community on YouTube has become so massive. As a result, it has created a dedicated category exclusive for it: YouTube Gaming. Here, people can create gaming channels and stream their content. Viewers can choose from a plethora of gaming content published every day by professional and amateur gamers.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.
It also contains game pages that provide more information about a particular game. “Creators on the Rise” is also a section that showcases promising gaming creators for 24 hours.

YouTube initially released a standalone YouTube Gaming app in 2015. They took it down in 2019 since it had “caused confusion among gaming fans.” They integrated it into the main app instead and created a dedicated category for it.

Starting your own YouTube gaming channel is easy to do. You don’t need to have extra equipment to stream your mobile games. All you need is your mobile phone, a fast and reliable internet connection, and the YouTube app. If you need a suggestion for a good gaming phone, we’ve got you covered. The Razer Phone 2 is a good choiceRead More Reviews if you want fast response time and good graphics.

  1. Create Your YouTube Channel
    The first step is to create a channel where you will upload your gaming videos. All you need is your Google account to sign in to the YouTube app.

In your profile, click the option labeled “Your channel” in the drop-down menu. It will redirect you to your channel where you can customize the profile. You can now choose your channel’s photo, add a banner, and upload your videos.
2. Enable Live Streaming
Before you can stream mobile games on your channel, you will need to enable live streaming first. Make sure to confirm that your channel is verified and there are no live stream restrictions for 90 days. Your channel must also meet the requirement of at least 1,000 subscribers.
3. Start Streaming
Streaming mechanics slightly differ on iOS and Android. Here are step-by-step guides for streaming from an Android and iOS phones.

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