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Mobile Live Streaming Takes Off in Asia

Mobile Live Streaming Takes Off in Asia

The world is hungry for more streamable content on mobile, but the global market is fragmented due to different content preferences and emerging trends (see: cord-cutting). This rings especially true for Asia, where a handful of live streaming apps are taking off.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.
By augmenting the interactive nature of live streaming and offering unique content, the apps we investigate below are driving downloads and high levels of engagement, which should lead to revenue for both the platforms and the personalities streaming on them. Finding these top apps is easy — it just takes looking at Store Stats — but the factors causing their success is the real insight.

We found that localizing your app to your target market, both in terms of content and features, can have huge benefits. More importantly, this focus developing for local users is the leading factor driving this trend across Asia. And this kind of mentality spans categories — the lessons below could easily apply to apps in Social Networking, which are influenced by users and how they interact.
South Korea is arguably the region’s leader in live streaming. One popular live streaming app, AfreecaTV (“Anybody can FREEly broadCAst TV”), first launched on the Web in 2006 and secured broadcasting rights to sports games and broadcasting jockeys (commonly knowns as “personalities” or “content creators”) viewers can follow.

The uniqueness and popularity of AfreecaTV lies in its food channels. These channels aren’t just about cooking food. They’re live streams of jockeys eating in front of their own cameras (known as “Meokbang” in Korean, which translates to “broadcast eating”), appealing to the increasing number of solo diners in South Korea. Together they keep each other company.
AfreecaTV is an interactive platform, allowing their viewers to live-chat with jockeys as well as with each other. Live chat wasn’t enough for viewers, so it implemented other features like “star balloons.” Users can send jockeys balloons as signs of appreciation and in return, the jockeys are able to exchange those balloons for real cash and make money from live streaming. These lucrative opportunities tied to Meokbang have drawn more people to AfreecaTV. As a result, the app has been a top-10 downloaded app in the Entertainment category on iOS for the past 12 months in South Korea.

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